Spiraling from the Arms: Hanging, Hand Sequences and Backbends

Many of us don’t leverage the spirals of the upper quarter -- aside from rotation of certain fingers in texting. This highly experiential workshop explores the spirals and 3D movement within the structural elements of the trunk, arms and neck via the fascia as the great connector. Through useful weight-bearing hand-sequencing and hanging motions we can restore natural movement patterns and improve the fascial integrity. Whether you’re a Stiff Sam or Hypermobile Helen, you will experience increases in strength and mobility that also improve joint integrity and stability. Learn how these elements translate into backbends and better spinal motion, postural control and greater freedom in the body. This workshop is open to movement and exercise professionals of all disciplines and their students.
- 6 hours - 

Fascia, Feet & Spirals 

Basic human movement is three-dimensional and spiraling in nature. This workshop demonstrates how, beginning with the feet and ankles and integrating the entire kinetic chain of the body through to the hands and head, via the neuromyofascial network. Identify functional global movement patterns and reestablish the natural mechanics of the feet and ankles to move up the chain. Discover how the spirals can facilitate daily activities and improve performance, correct inefficient movement patterns and minimize injury. Learn fun energizing new techniques and exercises to implement immediately, along with quick fixes to alleviate common ailments. This invigorating, enlightening and engaging workshop is open to movement and exercise professionals of all disciplines.
- 6 hours - 

Wonky Bodies: Exploring Hypermobility 

We’ve all seen it – elbows that appear to bend backwards, funky sacroiliac joints and shoulders that look like they could – or do! – pop out of the socket. Hypermobility is a common concern and the struggle to stabilize can cause frustration in both the client as well as the practitioner. Many associate hypermobility with excess flexibility, but ofte the presentation is chronic tightness with a tendency to over-stabilize. Discover successful methods of releasing the gripping structures while training the slack structures to activate for support. Through neuromuscular reeducation, tactile cuing, somatic techniques, PNF patterns, guided imagery, and myofascial strengthening techniques, you’ll find an entire tool kit to enhance your teaching practice and improve your own body as well.
- 6 hours - 

Matwork and Movement Magnified

Explore an extension of the Pilates matwork through the lens of spirals, fascia, viscera and bony rhythms. We will examine some of the most common challenges your clients and students encounter and identify ways to enhance their movement experience through out-of-the-box approaches, including techniques with muscle activation, neural input and somatics. Step up, roll over, reach around and reinvigorate your personal and professional practice! Arrive with 1-2 issues/exercises you wish to address and improve upon!
 - 3 hours - 

The Lumbo-pelvic Perspective

The lumbo-pelvic region is the gateway between the upper and lower body and serves as our center of gravity. The area transmits force and power in movement but also is a common site of dysfunction. This workshop explores the region from a global view, using the fascia as a conduit to examine the bones and muscles along with nerves and organs, while also examining through a micro lens to highlight the interplay of the various joints and their mechanics in movement. Discover techniques to assess dysfunction and alleviate symptoms of pain and discomfort. Learn simple exercises that apply to Pilates, yoga and personal training to fine-tune your skillset and assist your clients.
- 3 hours - 

Osteoporosis in Depth (Buff Bones®)

1 in 2 women over the age of 50 and 1 in 4 men in the U.S. has low bone density and it’s a rising epidemic around the world. Learn the causes of osteoporosis (and its precursor, osteopenia), how it's diagnosed, who's at risk, how to prevent it and how to manage it. Discover the essentials of bone loading and how biomechanics come into play; enter unorthodox discussions about spinal flexion; learn established as well as creative methods to prevent fractures, enhance balance and improve posture. Discover why bone health is far more than just *bone density*, and get the latest updates on medication and nutrition guidelines. You'll walk away with a fresh outlook and techniques to implement immediately! This one day fundamentals workshop provides the scientific basis of understanding osteoporosis for all movement professionals in a clear, accessible format; it offers a solid foundation for those who wish to also take the Buff Bones® Instructor Training.
-6 hours-